Educational Nursing Games You Can Play Online

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Are you having a hard time studying your nursing books at home? If you are constantly yawning while reading your nursing lessons, try reviewing through educational games. You’ll be playing games AND learning at the same time.  Fortunately, there are plenty of free educational nursing games you can play online. Test your knowledge and sharpen your memory with the following most recommended online nursing games:

1. NobelPrize is the official website of the Nobel Prize. Aside from featuring amazing scientific contributions from around the world, this website also provides useful educational games. The games use Flash which offers visual-rich methods of learning. Some of the most visited educational games here that you can play include The Blood Typing Game, The Electrocardiogram Game, The Immune System Game and many more.

2. Blood Flow through the Heart

hearts-gameThis is a simple game made in the free online gaming platform Quia. In Blood Flow through the Heart, you will have to trace the flow of a drop of blood through the heart, starting from systemic entry to systemic outlet. The game looks like a test but it can be played repeatedly until you’ve got the key concepts down pat.

3. Learning Nurse

nclex-questionsLearning Nurse has 132 nursing games with over 4,505 questions for you to practice on.  The coverage is impressive ranging from Anatomy, Pharmacology, Histology, Diseases, Medical Abbreviations, Dosages and so on.  The site employs different strategies for the games making learning fun and engaging at the same time.  The Learning Nurse games are built using html5 ensuring a faster and better gaming experience on both desktop computers and mobile gadgets.

4. Casualty Challenge Nurse Game

nurse-gamesThis game is developed by Skillwise which aims to develop the communication skills of nurses. The game takes you to a simulated situation where you will have to listen and follow instructions carefully.  A puzzle is later presented for evaluation purposes.  The nursing procedures in the puzzles are quite simple, but you will need to watch out for tricky instructions.

5.Nursing Learning Games and Activities

free-games-onlineThis website contains a comprehensive compilation of different nursing games and activities. The games are grouped into different categories for easy reference. Most of the games are made in Quia gaming platform so each game is easy to play and understand. The categorization of games featured in the website is helpful in planning your focus in your studies as it is based on the sections of most nursing books. Instructors helped developed the mini games featured in the website so you can also be assured that you are learning the best nursing concepts to study or review for school.

6.Nursing Assistant Registered

nursing-simulationNursing Assistant Registered is a simulation game made to assess your skills as an efficient nursing assistant. The game is in 3D format and fully interactive. You can have a quick view of how is it like to be a nursing assistant with this game. You can also practice evaluating your patients’ needs and who needs to be prioritized according to the patient information provided.

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